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~~~As I write this the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus is resulting in a new approach to programming in the
places where we do our presentations.  Until further notice our programs will be presented in virtual format,
usually via Zoom.

Above all we encourage you to take the recommended precautions while these health concerns exist.  Be well.

Dear Friends ~ Many of the venues where we present request that those who want to attend sign up or register.  We provide   
links to their websites on this page so you can get more information, including whether you should register.  Thanks!

**TEMPORARILY CANCELLED**Mondays in 2020 ~ Essex, CT  8:00 pm to 11:00 pm**TEMPORARILY CANCELLED**
The Jovial Crew (Cliff Haslam, Joseph Morneault, Tim Marth and Rick Spencer) present Sea Chanteys, Irish songs, drinking songs and
nonsense at the Griswold Inn, 36 Main Street in Essex, CT. The fun starts as soon as you arrive.  Check out "The Gris" at
com.  Please note that during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis the Jovial Crew will no be at the Griswold Inn.  We'll let you know if and
when we'll be returning to "Monday night at the Gris".

7 July 2020 Tuesday ~ Virtual Concert from Columbia, CT  6:30 pm
The Saxton B. Little Free Library in Columbia, CT presents the long-delayed debut performance of our "Fifty Years On: A Nod to the Class
of 1970
".  This will be a live Zoom presentation.  In order to get information about how to join the Zoom meeting please be in touch with
Caitlyn Orlomoski at  The library's website is here.

22 July 2020 Wednesday ~ Virtual Concert from Chadd's Ford, PA  7:00 pm
The Brandywine River Museum presents a virtual presentation of "From Seneca Falls to the 19th Amendment: Songs of American Woman
".  This will be presented on Zoom format.  For more information please follow this link: https://www.brandywine.
The museum's website is here.

28 July 2020 Tuesday ~ Essex, CT  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
The Connecticut River Museum has invited us to perform for their "Shanties and Sails" series.  This is a two-part event which will begin as a
concert on the lawn.  Afterwards we'll sing aboard the
Onrust as we sail on the river. This is a rare opportunity for us to present our
maritime repertoire under sail.  Please note that this event was originally scheduled for June 9.  For more information you can visit the
museum's website

15 August 2020 Saturday ~ Grafton, VT  (Time TBD)
The Grafton Historical Society presents "From Seneca Falls to the 19th Amendment: Songs of American Woman Suffrage" on the afternoon
of 8/15/2020 at the Brick Meeting House in Grafton, VT.  The specific time is to be determined.  The society's website is

18 August 2020 Tuesday ~ Virtual Concert from Milford, CT  7:00 pm
The Milford Public Library presents a virtual presentation of "From Seneca Falls to the 19th Amendment: Songs of American Woman
".  This will be presented on Zoom format.  For more information please visit the library's website here.

17 September 2020, Thursday ~ Brooklyn, CT  7:30 pm
The Brooklyn Historical Society presents "On the Job: Historical Songs of American Work and Trades" in the Parish Hall of Trinity
Church, at 7 Providence Road in Brooklyn, CT.  The program will begin at 7:30 pm, following the Society's business meeting.  The public is
welcome to attend the meeting.  The organization's website is
here.  Their Facebook page is here.

16 October 2020, Friday ~ Agawam, MA  7:00 pm
The Agawam Cultural Council presents "An American Pop Music Time Machine" as part of the 17th season of their popular "Applause
Series" of concerts.  The event will take place at the Agawam Senior Center, 954 main Street in Agawam, MA.  The organization's website is

We think those are all the dates for the moment.  Please spread the word about this website to friends and remember that we love
hearing from you.

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