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Mondays in 2017 ~ Essex, CT 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The Jovial Crew (Cliff Haslam, Joseph Morneault, Tim Marth and I) present Sea Chanteys, Irish songs, drinking songs and nonsense.  The
Gris is at 36 Main Street in Essex, CT. The fun starts as soon as you arrive.  Check out the Griswold Inn at

14 October 2017 Saturday ~ Canterbury, CT  10:00 am
The Canturbury Historical Society presents "Old Home Day" from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the Canterbury, CT green, on route 169, near
the corner of route 14.  This is one of our favorite events of the year.  This year Dawn and I will be kicking off the musical portion of the
day with a mixed set of American popular songs, some quite old, some new.  For more information about this great event please visit

18 October 2017 Wednesday ~ Granville, MA  7:00 pm
The Noble and Cooley Center for Historic Preservation presents a concert by the Band of Steady Habits (Walt Woodward, Jeremy
Teitelbaum, Rachel Smith, Teagan Smith, Duke York and I), at 7 Water Street in Granville, MA.  For more information please visit

***ART SHOW!!** November 2017 ~ Willimantic, CT
The Gallery at 34 North will have a number of my works of art on display between approximately 1 November and 28 November 2017.  The
Gallery is part of the CADMarshall frame shop at 34 North Street in Willimantic, CT.  An official "opening" and reception will take place
on the evening of
Thursday 9 November.  The plan is to have some music as part of this opening.  Details will be posted as soon as we have
more of them.

4 November 2017 Saturday ~ Hampton, CT  1:30 pm
The Band of Steady Habits (Walt Woodward, Jeremy Teitelbaum, Rachel Smith, Teagan Smith, Duke York and I) will be doing our
program "Handed Down in Song" after the annual meeting of the Hampton Antiquarian and Historical Society.  The event will take place
in the Little River Grange Hall at 178 Main Street in Hampton, CT.  The society's website is

11 November 2017 Saturday ~ Old Lyme, CT  7:00 pm
Dawn and I will be doing a concert at Nightingales Acoustic Cafe, 68 Lyme Street in Old Lyme, CT.  We're excited to have this rare
opportunity to present some of our favorite songs without the structure of a "theme."  We're looking forward to this one.  There will be a
$5.00 charge at the door and proceeds from admission will go to the MusicNow Foundation, a charitable organization which supports live
music in the community and encourages youth to become musically involved.  For more information please visit

15 November 2017 Wednesday ~ Simsbury, CT  7:00 pm
The Simsbury Historical Society presents "Between the Great Wars: American Popular Music 1918-1941" at the Ellsworth Center, 10 Phelps
Lane in Simsbury, CT.  The society's website is

2 December 2017 Saturday ~ Lyme, CT  7:00 pm
The Lyme Public Library presents "Songs of the Second World War" at 482 Hamburg Road in Lyme, CT.  The library's website is here.

7 December 2017 Thursday ~ Phoenixville, PA  7:00 pm
The Phoenixville Public Library presents "A 19th Century Christmastide" at 183 Second Avenue in Phoenixville, PA.  The library's website

8 December 2017 Friday ~ West Grove, PA  7:00 pm
The Avon Grove Library at 117 Rosehill Avenue in West Grove, PA presents "Songs of the Second World War."  The library's website is

9 December 2017 Saturday ~ Chadds Ford, PA  11:00 am and 1:00 pm
The Brandywine River Museum has asked us to do two sets of songs from "A 19th Century Christmastide" as part of their annual holiday
activities.  The museum is at 1 Hoffman's Mill Road in Chadds Ford, PA.  Its website is

15 January 2018 Monday ~ Fairfield, CT  11:00 am
Dawn and I are doing a special presentation for the Fairfield Museum and History Center.  We're describing this one as a "family-friendly,
inter-generational program of songs in the American popular and folk music traditions."  Singing along will be encouraged.  To interface
with the Museum's WWI exhibit we'll be including a number of the more light-hearted or amusing songs from the War.  The address is 370
Beach Road in Fairfield, CT.  The Museum's website is

24 March 2018 Saturday ~ New Haven, CT  2:00 pm
The Knights of Columbus Museum, at 1 State Street in New Haven, presents "To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War" at 2:00 pm.  
The museum's website is

9 May 2018 Wednesday ~ Bethel, CT  7:00 pm
The Bethel Public Library Presents "A Song of the Seasons" at 189 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT.  The library's website is here.

I think those are all the dates for the moment.  Please spread the word about this website to friends and remember that I love
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