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Mondays in 2018 ~ Essex, CT  8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The Jovial Crew (Cliff Haslam, Joseph Morneault, Tim Marth and I) present Sea Chanteys, Irish songs, drinking songs and nonsense.  The
Gris is at 36 Main Street in Essex, CT. The fun starts as soon as you arrive.  Check out the Griswold Inn at

20 October 2018 Saturday ~ Salisbury, CT  4:00 pm
The Salisbury Association Historical Society presents "To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War" at the Scoville Memorial Library,
38 Main Street in Salisbury, CT.  The society's website is

25 October 2018 Thursday ~ South Windsor, CT  7:00 pm
The South Windsor Historical Society and the Wood Memorial Library and Museum present "Over There: The World War I Diaries of Dr.
Jessie Weston Fisher
" at 783 Main Street in South Windsor, CT.  The library's website is here.

3 November 2018 Saturday ~ North Haven, CT  2:00 pm
The North Haven Library presents a program of "Songs of America at War" at 17 Elm Street in North Haven.  The focus will be on songs
from World War I and World War II.  The library's website is

7 November 2018 Wednesday ~ Avon, CT  2:00 pm
The Avon Free Public Library and Avon Historical Society present a program of songs of the period of the Connecticut Constitution of
1818, at the Avon Senior Center, 635 West Avon Road in Avon, CT.  The library's website is
here.  The historical society's website is here.

10 November 2018 Saturday ~ Burlington, CT  3:00 pm
The Burlington Historical Society presents "To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War" at 781 George Washington Turnpike in
Burlington, CT.  The Society's website is

15 November 2018 Thursday ~ Torrington, CT  6:30 pm
The Torrington Public Library presents "To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War" at 12 Daycoeton Place in Torrington, CT.  The
library's website is

6 December 2018 Thursday ~ Phoenixville, PA  7:00 pm
The Phoenixville Public Library presents "A Song of the Seasons" at 183 Second Avenue in Phoenixville, PA.  The library's
website is

7 December 2018 Friday ~ Chadds Ford, PA  1:00 pm
The Brandywine River Museum presents a program of songs relating to the life and works of American artist Winslow Homer.  The museum
is at 1 Hoffman's Mill Road in Chadds Ford, PA.  Their website is

8 December 2018 Saturday ~ West Grove, PA  2:00 pm
The Avon Grove Library presents "A 19th Century Christmastide" at 117 Rosehill Avenue in West Grove, PA.  The library's website is here.

29 August 2019 Thursday ~ New London, CT  7:00 pm
The Friends of Fort Trumbull present "Are We There Yet?: Songs of American Transportation" at 90 Walbach Street in New London, CT.
The organization's website is

1 May 2020 Friday ~ Agawam, MA  7:00 pm
The Agawam Cultural Council presents "An American Pop Music Time Machine" as part of the 16th season of their popular "Applause
Series" of concerts.  The organization's website is

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