Rick Spencer - Selected Performance Credits
Live Television and Radio Appearances:       
Good Morning America - On air interview and musical     
-National Public Radio
All Things Considered interview with Noah   

Historical or Documentary Television Appearances:
-PBS "Into the Deep: America, Whaling and the World"  A film by Ric   
Burns.  Worked as music consultant and portrayed 19th century
Dateline NBC, “The Revenge of the Whale.”  Portrayal of
shipwrecked sailor.
-History Channel.  
Modern Marvels, “Loading Docks.”  Portrayal of  
shipboard cargo loading crew member.
Mark Twain’s Hartford.  Portrayal of Twain’s friend and co-
author Charles Dudley Warner.
DeToqueville’s America. Portrayal of shipboard musician and
The American Experience. Portrayal of shipboard sailor.
Musical Performance:
-Extensive experience with a capella and accompanied singing, solo and
-Instrumentalist and vocalist with the group "The Jovial Crew."  2012 to present.
-Instrumentalist and vocalist with the group “Forebitter.”  1987 to 2014.
-Proficient on: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Concertina.  
-Vocal Range: Tenor.
Selected list of performances include appearances at:
-University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
-Chicago Maritime Festival.
-Halifax, NS Harbour Festival.
-US Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal.
-National Maritime Museum, San Francisco, CA.
-Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
-Concert and music festival appearances throughout the US, in
France, England, Canada, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands and
Germany from 1986 to the present.
-Hundreds of appearances for audiences in folk music concert
schools, libraries, historical societies, museums, etc.
-Promotional video with Walter Cronkite for Mystic Seaport.
-Elegy for an Icon, by Nicholas Checker.  Composed and performed the title song and    
portrayed historical character Lieutenant Lion Gardiner.
Theater Experience:
-Script writer and actor for Mystic Seaport’s
Lantern Light Tours.
-Composer and lyricist for the musical play
Run to Elysia by Nicholas
-Musical Director and accompanist for
Run to Elysia. Avery Point Playhouse,
Groton, CT.
-Portrayed the character Ivan in staged readings of  Eugene O’Neill’s sea
trilogy, Mystic Seaport.
-Portrayed villain John Knipe in
The 10th Voyage by Ann Peabody,  Mystic
Recording Credits:
Producer, musical arranger, recording and remix engineer and session musician
Sea Songs and Chanteys,  Rick Spencer CD
The Days When We Were Young,  Rick Spencer CD
Waiting For Me,  Rick Spencer CD
Love’s Labor,  Donna Glover and Rick Spencer   CD
Kindred Spirits, The WindLasses.  CD and Cassette.
From the Shore, David Littlefield.  CD and Cassette.
Contentment, Rick Spencer. CD and Cassette
Session musician for
Where We've Been,  Ask Your Father.  CD
Session musician for
The Ballad of Harbo and Samuelson, Jerry Bryant.  CD and
Session musician for
Songs of the Sailor, with the Mystic Seaport Chanteymen.
Session musician for
Always Wecome,  Marc Bernier.  CD
Recording artist and member of the quartet “Forebitter” on the recordings
Link of Chain. Forebitter Sings Songs of the Sea, Volume I.  CD and Cassette.
Voyages. Forebitter Sings Songs of the Sea, Volume II.  CD
American Sea Chanteys, CD
Unmooring, CD and Cassette.                                                      
On the Ran-Tan, Cassette.
Selections from Forebitter also have appeared on five editions of recordings
released by the French production company
Chasse Maree, and on three
compilation recordings from the Oasis Recording acoustic music samplers.
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